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Connecting with Culturally Diverse Parents

Gone are the days when connecting with parents followed a one-size-fits-all approach. As our population in the United States continues to grow in all forms of diversity, so do our schools. Parent/teacher connection is hindered by these differences UNLESS teachers learn the basics of overcoming the barriers involved.
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Connecting with Culturally Diverse Parents
  • drpfconsults.com

    Reaching Out to Diverse Parents in the Classroom

    5 minute read
    Freda Farmer says:
    This short article suggests ways to involve parents who, due to communication and cultural issues, “do not respond to traditional methods. . . such as PTA meetings, parent conferences, etc.”
  • scholastic.com

    Connect With Kids and Parents of Different Cultures | Scholastic.com

    10 minute read
    Freda Farmer says:
    This article is a good introduction to the topic. It includes a self-quiz for teachers and succinct summaries on ‘How Culture Affects Behavior”, “How to Build a Buffer Against Biases,” “Positive Communication with Parents,”and a list of resources. I consider it a must-read for any teacher who has not seriously considered the issue (and given their own biases careful thought) or for a teacher new to a diverse school or class. I like the short length, and the easy-to-implement steps.
  • Freda Farmer says:
    This online training product contains three modules of self-paced activities and reading material. The content includes facing one’s own biases; how diversity relates to child development; and strategies for discussing child development with parents of different backgrounds. Especially important is the focus on learning about how "implicit bias" affects young children in educational settings.
  • Freda Farmer says:
    This book, available from Amazon, shows teachers how to “recognize and build on the rich resources for enhancing school learning that exist within culturally and linguistically diverse families.” Available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback, it should be made available to all teachers.
  • adlit.org

    Building Trust with Schools and Diverse Families

    20 minute read
    Freda Farmer says:
    This somewhat lengthy 2014 article focuses on trust, culture, and family involvement. It reviews current research, offers clear strategies for engaging families, and concludes with real-life examples that will spark ideas for implementation. This could easily be converted into a professional development course - it is thorough, research-based, succinctly explains nine obstacles to strong family/school relationship, and then continues with nearly 30 tips on how to lay a foundation of trust.
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