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Gold Standard Project Based Learning: An Overview

When done well, Project Based Learning can yield powerful outcomes for students. But what does it mean to do PBL well? The Buck Institute for Education has combined current research and theory with the experience of expert PBL teachers to develop Gold Standard PBL, a framework for rigorous, high-quality PBL design, implementation, and assessment. This collection includes videos, books, articles, and tools that offer an introduction to Gold Standard PBL.
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Gold Standard Project Based Learning: An Overview
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Resurreccion Espinosa-FrinkHigh School Foreign LanguageJune 24, 2016
I have had some instruction in PBL but have not formally implemented this approach in my classroom. I have included some of its elements, but I believe that this to really work, and make it posible for the teacher to manage the classroom work, there needs to be support from others in the school. Students need to be ready to follow the steps, and work in teams, and produce work of quality within a specific time-frame, ect. I think that this coming year we all will be more ready. Thank you for these articles. They are excellent.
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