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Putting the 'Fun' into Fundraising

Do you have a major cost in your class that the budget just can't cover? Are you stretched so thinly already that the very thought of organizing a fundraiser makes you want to crawl into hole? Or does your class just simply want to raise money for a charity? This collection provides you with fun, easy (some so easy you can leave it in the hands of your pupils) and effective fundraising ideas.
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Putting the 'Fun' into Fundraising
  • smartgivers.org


    15 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    This guide offers lesson plans and ideas to give your pupils the skills and know how about creating their own fundraising event. Make it a long term class project allowing your students to choose the cause, create events and competitions all whilst learning the value of giving (along with organization and teamwork).
  • Amy Watson says:
    There is nothing worse than last minute stress to take out all the fun from fundraising. Follow these steps to ensure that your event is not only successful, but also fun! Number three is a good reminder to ask everyone - maybe people can't donate money, but they could offer their time, some businesses may even provide products or vouchers as prizes. Allow your pupils creativity to run wild and put the in charge of number five...
  • eventbrite.co.uk

    10 Unique, Unusual and Fantastic Fundraising Event Ideas

    10 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    This list looks at some big fundraising activities from around the globe and offers 'take away' ideas on how you could implement some of these large scale events in your own school.
  • otisfundraisingideas.com

    Getting Parents Involved With School Fundraising

    5 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    Parents can be the secret weapon on the world of fundraising. Use this article to help get the most out of your parents. It highlights the need to tap into the various skills and time that parents can offer. Having some adults to help clean up after the bake sale is just as important as the team of adults organizing and planning the event, by valuing all jobs and your parents, fundraising will become a breeze!
  • The Best School Fundraising Ideas

    Amy Watson says:
    Some are simple, some require a little more help and input, all are fun and effective! I love that this list not only includes ideas such a bake sales and quiz nights, but it also helps you out by offering bake sale recipes and quiz night questions!
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