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Dealing with the Child Perfectionist

There is a fine line between a child striving to succeed and one whose need for perfection is causing them harm. This collection will help you distinguish between the two and provide you with ways to nurture the perfectionist child in your classroom and help them discover that mistakes are OK, if not helpful.
A Collection By Amy Watson
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Dealing with the Child Perfectionist
  • personalitydynamics.co.nz

    The Perfectionist Child

    7 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    An informative article aimed at helping parents help their child. As it states, things will only get harder for the perfectionist child as they progress further in school, so encouraging them and supporting them at a young age is vital.
  • anxietybc.com

    Overcoming Perfectionism

    10 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    A short, simple guide that could easily be printed off and given to parents of a perfectionist child so they can help them at home. Many signs of a perfectionist child will occur at home so it is important to educate parents too.
  • Warning Signs

    Amy Watson says:
    This traffic light system will help you identify when a student may be acting in such a way that may be detrimental to their development. Of course many pupils will strive to do their best, but when does it become problematic? This guide will help you to decipher that.
  • connectionsacademy.com

    Overcoming Perfectionism: Tips for Working with Perfectionist Students

    5 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    You can never have too many tricks up your sleeve. I like the group activity at the end, especially the idea of you, as a teacher, sharing your own failings. Not only does it provide an excellent example but it opens you up to your students as a human being.
  • educationworld.com

    Dr. Ken Shore: Helping The Perfectionist

    4 minute read
    Amy Watson says:
    A very good guide about how you, as a teacher, can help your perfectionist students and make them feel comfortable in your classroom.
  • Amy Watson says:
    This amazing Ted Talk does focus on girls, perhaps as they are more likely to be perfectionists. Regardless of gender, the point is still the same - we need to teach our young ones that it's OK to fail and make mistakes.
  • Amy Watson says:
    An interesting read with common ideas and phrases regarding perfectionism. It provides useful insight into signs of a perfectionist as well as phrases that many of them use and the inhibiting cycle they face. Use it to help gain an understanding into the minds of those perfectionist children in your class.
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