From Inputs to Outputs

The Great Migration to Competency-Based Professional Development

For too long our professional development systems have focused on the quality of the professional development “inputs” provided to teachers to improve their professional practice, with unfortunately little evidence of improvement or linkage to any “outputs” of a change in instructional practice. What would a shift from focusing on PD inputs to PD outputs entail and how will a competency-based approach using micro-credentials help education leaders implement these changes in their local environments?

In this on-demand webinar we’ll hear from leaders in the Florida, Tennessee, and Delaware departments of education to discuss:

  • Each state’s work on competency-based professional development using micro-credentials
  • What changes they believe states and districts will look to make in the future
  • What the impact on teacher quality and retention will be


Featured Experts

Kathleen AirhartKathleen Airhart
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Commissioner
Tennessee Department of Education
Brian DasslerBrian Dassler
Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality
Florida Department of Education
Michael WatsonMichael S. Watson
Chief Academic Officer and Associate Secretary of Education
Delaware Department of Education

This webinar was originally presented on Education Week, sponsored by BloomBoard.




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