Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers Through Master’s Equivalent Career Pathways

You’re probably tired of hearing people say things like “today, more than ever…” but let’s face it – today, more than ever, when a school district loses a good teacher, it really, really hurts. But what can district leaders realistically do to give themselves their best chance to keep their best teachers, and recruit great new ones?

Join Jake Long, Superintendent for Mountain Home Public Schools, and Kristie Jackson, Senior Learning Strategist for BloomBoard and former Arizona Teacher of the Year, for a webinar exclusively for district leaders about Mountain Home’s special approach to enticing teachers to perform in a growth environment that rewards them for taking ownership of their own competency-based professional learning, what that means for Mountain Home’s teacher retention and recruitment, and how your district can do it too.

In this webinar, learn about:

– The ways Mountain Home crafted their own master’s degree equivalent programs using existing teacher designation frameworks from the state.
– Why teachers so quickly envision where they want to be on the customized career continuums offered by the district, and put in the work to get there.
– The magical alignment to district strategic plans that occurs when teachers are free to personalize their own professional learning.

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