New Micro-credential based
Computer Science Endorsement
for High School Educators

ADE has partnered with BloomBoard to help educators obtain a state-approved endorsement in computer science (CS). BloomBoard is the national leader in job-embedded teacher development using micro-credentials. This one-of-a-kind micro-credential program is open to all Arizona high school educators, engaging them in an innovative, learn-by-doing experience in a much-needed discipline.

School Districts and Charter Schools that offer instruction in grades 9 through 12 AND are looking to add a NEW Computer Science course can apply for up to $25,000 in grant funds per school site through the State’s Computer Science Professional Development (CSPD) Program, which can be used to purchase platform licenses for educators to engage in the micro-endorsement program.

BloomBoard can assist your school or district in the CSPD application process.

Program Overview

Computer Science in grades 9-12 has multiple points of overlap with traditional K12 disciplines. Because of this, educators will have the opportunity to support student learning by infusing CS concepts into core content areas (math, science, ELA, social studies) using research-informed principles of practice.

Participants will:

  • Explore foundational CS concepts through a job-embedded learning cycle;
  • Become fluent in the AZ CS Standards, Essential Concepts, and Student Practices (derived from the Computer Science Teaching Association standards);
  • Utilize content-agnostic pedagogical practices to build a foundation of CS skills and knowledge that will serve students as they progress to a more technical CS curriculum in high school;
  • Support the development of an inclusive computing culture that encourages increased engagement of women and people of color interested in computer science.

For more information on state certification, click here.

Required Micro-credentials

Recognizing and Defining Computational Problems

Collecting, Visualizing, and Modeling with Data

Creating Computational Artifacts

Teaching Computing Systems: Hardware and Software

Teaching Computing Systems: Networks and the Internet

Beginner Programming Using CS Tools and Technologies

Fostering Computational Thinking in Content Areas

Communicating About Computing

Developing and Using Abstractions

Promoting Media Literacy

Fostering Cyber Security Habits

Evaluating Ethical Practices in the Cyber World

One-on-One Session with Coach

All participants have the ability to schedule a one-on-one session with a BloomBoard coach at any time.  These sessions can be helpful for participants at any point in their micro-credential journey, as it provides the chance to speak with a coach about individual questions, while also receiving feedback and support on their portfolio-based artifacts.