Productive Small Group Work

Educator fosters productive small-group work by structuring interdependence among the students in order to allow all students equitable access to the learning objective.
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About this Micro-credential

Key Method

Educator facilitates productive small-group work by designing worthy group learning experiences and using structures that address the five key elements of effective group work.

Method Components

What is a group-worthy task?

A group-worthy task is one where an educator:

  • Allows all students to make significant contributions
  • Requires a variety of skills and behaviors
  • Is challenging

The five key elements of effective group work

Educator designs structures that address the five key elements of effective group work:

  1. Positive interdependence
    Students work together in supportive ways and are held accountable for one another. Students have mutual goals and there is a division of labor. Students believe that each person’s efforts benefit the individual as well as the group as a whole.

  2. Individual accountability
    Each student is responsible for their own learning. Students are learning together, but they will perform alone to demonstrate their learning. There are clear goals established so students can be measured to see if the individual and group goals have been achieved.

  3. Face-to-face interaction
    The learning environment is set-up to facilitate and encourage students to interact with each other.

  4. Interpersonal and small-group social skills
    Students have been taught how to work together. There are structures in place, such as sentence starters, to help students interact with each other in supportive ways.

  5. Metacognitive reflection on group and individual academic and social efforts
    Students are given the opportunity to meta-cognitively reflect on the group’s academic and collaborative efforts.

Research & Resources

Supporting Research

  • Frey, Nancy, Douglas Fisher, and Sandi Everlove.Productive group work: How to engage students, build teamwork, and promote understanding. ASCD, 2009.
  • Thousand, Jacqueline S., Richard A. Villa, and Ann I. Nevin.Creativity and collaborative learning: The practical guide to empowering students, teachers, and families. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., PO Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285-0624, 2002.


Submission Requirements

Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

The following are items you must submit to earn this micro-credential. To earn the micro-credential, you must receive a passing evaluation for Part 1 and 3, as well as a “Yes” for each component in Part 2.

Part 1. Overview questions

(450-word limit for each response)

Activity Description:

  • What is the STEM learning objective for this lesson? And please describe the activity students will engage in and why this is a group-worthy task.

Group Structures:

  • Please describe what structures you have in place to address each of the five key elements of effective group work.

Part 2. Evidence/artifacts

Please submit evidence toward your demonstration of competency in facilitating productive small-group work. This should include:

  • a lesson plan that describes the group-worthy task
  • structures that address the five key elements of effective group work.

Educators can also include other artifacts such as a transcript of one group completing the task, completed student work, or a video of the lesson.

Part 3. Educator Reflection

(300-word limit for each response):

  • Why do you believe the structures you chose were appropriate for this task?
  • What was the impact of having structures in place for your group-worthy activity?

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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