Communicating with Parents and Community Stakeholders About Student Data Privacy

School district leader communicates a district_Ñés student data privacy policies to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders.
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About this Micro-credential

Key Method

The school district leader creates an artifact (e.g., a web page) to both communicate district student data privacy policies to a particular audience and anticipates potential challenges.

Method Components

Communicating with Parents, Teachers, and Other Stakeholders About Student Data Privacy is the third micro-credential in the Student Data Privacy stack:

  1. Foundations of Student Data Privacy
  2. Determining Your School District’s Data Privacy Needs
  3. Communicating with Parents and Community Stakeholders About Student Data Privacy
  4. Evaluating an Online Service Provider
  5. Professional Development for Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff

School districts can have the most thoughtful and substantive policies around student data privacy, but they will still face considerable challenges if they are unable to effectively communicate these policies to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders in a clear and compelling manner. Districts can create websites, host informational sessions, and send out newsletters—these are just a small sampling of strategies that districts have employed in order to raise awareness around the protection of student data and the roles that each stakeholder group can play in this process.

Research & Resources

Supporting Research


  • Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security, Plainview Old-Bethpage Central School District

Submission Requirements

Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

Following are the items you must submit to earn this micro-credential and the criteria by which they will be evaluated. To earn the micro-credential, you must receive a “Yes” on Parts 1, 2, and 3. Through any of a variety of methods (written, scanned, audio, video, and/or multimedia), you must demonstrate an understanding of student data privacy and consider the impact of privacy policies on key stakeholders.

Part 1. Overview Questions

Describe the importance of clearly communicating your district’s student data privacy policies to parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders. In your response, be sure to note at least two potential consequences of not doing so. (200-word limit)

Part 2. Evidence/Artifacts

To earn this micro-credential, create an artifact (e.g., a flyer, a web page mock-up, etc.) that clearly communicates one or more district student data privacy policies to parents, teachers, or other key stakeholders.

Part 3. Reflection

Consider the artifact that you created in Part 2. Identify two or more potential concerns that your audience might have with the specific policy that you conveyed. Describe how you might specifically address these concerns with this audience. (200-word limit)

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