Goal Setter: Setting and Monitoring Goals

Learning team leader effectively guides team in establishing evidence-based student learning goals.
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About this Micro-credential

Key Method

Learning team leader will purposefully plan a team meeting focused on establishing student learning goals based on evidence and follow up with team members to ensure the collective execution of next steps.

Method Components


Prepare for the meeting:

  • determine the purpose and intended outcome of the meeting
  • plan agenda/select appropriate protocol
  • select relevant evidence and other information (standards, article, etc.) for team to consider before setting a goal


Lead a team meeting:

  • lead team in setting a measurable goal by considering student learning data, the essential standards for the unit of study, research, and/or school-wide priorities
  • Document the student learning goal and next steps

Follow up

Ensure team members follow through on actions determined in meeting.

Research & Resources

Supporting Research

  • “What Research Says about Collaborative Inquiry.” Educational Leadership 66.4 (2008): 87-88. Web.
  • DuFour, Richard. “What Is a Professional Learning Community?” Educational Leadership 61.8 (2004): 6-11. Educational Leadership: Schools as Learning Communities. ASCD, May 2004. Web. 28 Apr. 2016.


  • Learning Team Leader Guide: How to Lead for Impact: A guide to support learning team leaders in facilitating effective professional learning communities.
  • PLC Implementation Plan: A tool for reflecting on the work of your team in relation to the goal(s) selected.
  • PLC Ongoing Action Plan: A tool to record meeting agendas, notes, and team goals, in order to support the process of continuous improvement.

Submission Requirements

Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

To earn this micro-credential, you must receive a passing evaluation for Parts 1 and 3, and a “yes” for each of the criteria assessed in Part 2.

Part 1. Overview questions

(300-word limit for this section)

  1. Please, describe your team:
    • What is the composition of your team? (Teachers’ grade level(s), subject area(s), etc.)
    • How often does your team meet?
  1. Describe the goal:
    • What evidence was considered when setting the goal for student learning?
    • What key learning gaps, instructional gaps, and standards did you address with the goal?
  1. Provide context for this meeting:
    • How does today’s meeting relate to the ongoing work of your team? For example, was it one meeting within a cycle of inquiry? A meeting before, during, or after a unit of study took place? Please elaborate on how this meeting connects to your team’s work in general.

Part 2. Evidence/artifacts

Please submit the following evidence/artifacts:

  1. The written agenda that structured the team meeting, including time for all necessary steps
  2. Documented student learning goal
  3. A written summary of the next steps the team has decided to take as a result of the goal-setting meeting. This can take the form of a set of notes articulated after the meeting, or it can be the team’s authentic documentation of their findings and next steps during the meeting on an agenda document such as the PLC Ongoing Action Plan (See link below).

PLC Ongoing Action Plan link: http://bit.ly/1puCTib

The artifacts could be combined into one document, or submitted as multiple documents.

Part 3. Reflection

Submit a written reflection of the experience of leading the meeting and the outcomes, answering the following questions (150-350 words):

  1. Reflect on the goal. In retrospect, were the instructional and learning gaps addressed by the goal the right ones?
  2. How will you know if the team is successful in pursuit of this goal?
  3. What will be your next steps as a learning team leader to ensure that the team actively pursues strategies that address the student learning goal?

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