Engaging Stakeholders

Educator engages with different stakeholders in order to advance his/her leadership plan.
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About this Micro-credential

Key Method

Educator considers the perspectives of different stakeholders, and then engages with them in order to gain support and advance his or her leadership plan.

Method Components

This demonstration of competency can be associated with the implementation of the plan created by the educator in the micro-credential entitled “Teacher-powered: Creating a Plan for Redesigned Learning.”


  1. Determine the different stakeholders who will be affected by your leadership plan.
  2. Consider the stakeholders’ perspectives and concerns about the implementation of your leadership plan.
  3. Utilize a messaging tool (See Resources below), to craft messages that address the stakeholders’ possible concerns about your leadership plan.
  4. Engage with two or more stakeholders who can approve your leadership plan or influence others to support it.
  5. Reflect on the engagement with a stakeholder.

Research & Resources

Supporting Research

This study from the U.K. examines the role of teacher advocacy in the system that moves toward a more democratic form of leadership grounded in a dialogic process.

This study explores ways to lead from the classroom.

This report makes a case for teacher leadership and advocates for teachers leading as part of their professional work.

Although not focused exclusively on the individual teacher, this piece explores organizations that are supporting teachers’ voices in policy considerations.




Messaging Tool:

Complete the following template, or one with the same components, to plan your conversations with stakeholders. (To see template, please download the requirement document below)

Submission Requirements

Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

To earn the micro-credential, you must receive a passing evaluation for Parts 1 and 3 and a “Proficient” or higher for each component in Part 2.

Part 1. Overview questions

Activity Description (300-word limit):

Please respond to the following questions:

  • Who are some key stakeholders who will need to be influenced in order to implement your leadership plan? Identify 2 or more key stakeholders who can either approve you plan or help influence others.
  • For each stakeholder identified: What are his/her key priorities and concerns? For example, principals frequently have priorities around improving student achievement and concerns about the cost of new ideas.

Activity Description - Your Learning (300-word maximum)

  • Please respond to the following questions:
  • What resources did you use to develop or improve your ability to influence others? You may use the resources identified here or others that you identify yourself.
  • What did you learn from each resource?
  • How did these resources help you influence the stakeholders?

Part 2. Evidence/artifacts

Please submit:

  • Evidence that you engaged with at least two stakeholders about your leadership plan. This evidence could consist of video or audio recording of reflection from stakeholders, survey results from stakeholders, written statement from the stakeholders, or an email exchange or online discussion thread with stakeholders.
  • Audio or video recordings of yourself practicing your messaging or engaging with two different stakeholders. (Maximum total length: 10 minutes)

Part 2. Scoring guide

Your artifact submission will be assessed based on the following rubric. You must earn a “Proficient” or higher score on this portion of the total submission in order to earn the micro-credential.

Part 3. Reflection

Please respond to the following (500-word written reflection or 7 - 10 minute audio recorded reflection).

  • How and why were the targeted stakeholders selected?
  • How did you tailor your message for the specific people with whom you spoke?
  • How were you able to make your leadership plan address their specific priorities? Please provide examples.
  • How did you address their concerns? Were there concerns you had not anticipated? If so, how did you address those? Give examples.

Please respond to the following:

  • How did your discussion with key stakeholders contribute to your leadership plan?
  • What useful/actionable information was conveyed by the stakeholders you engaged? Please be specific.
  • What feedback was not included in the leadership plan, and why wasn’t it included?
  • What would you do differently in future engagements with stakeholders?
  • What are your next steps for your leadership plan?

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Download to access the requirements and scoring guide for this micro-credential.
Requirements for Engaging Stakeholders
How to prepare for and earn this micro-credential - in a downloadable PDF document

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