The start of school is getting close! 

This school year presents unique opportunities and challenges, and educators have used this summer wisely in preparation for how to best serve their students in the days ahead. The webinar “A Leader’s Guide: The Survival Skills Every Teachers Needs This Fall and Beyond” was reviewed by attendees as one of our most helpful events this summer, and we’ve broken down the highlights below for your convenience.

Featured speakers from the webinar include:


The Parable of the Plate Lunch and a Common Misstep When Seeking “Continuity of Instruction”

“You Gotta Maslow Before You Bloom” and the 6 Survivals Skills Every Teacher Needs This Fall and Beyond

Campfires and Competency-Based Learning

Mapping the Six Survival Skills to Micro-Credentials and the Foundations for Blended Learning Micro-Endorsement

Why Savvy Leaders Are Looking to Competency-Based Learning Right Now

Creating a Teacher-Centric Learning Experience Using the 5 “Es”

 How Weekly Blended Learning Arcs Bring Back the Joy of Teaching and the 4 Modalities that Flex

Applying Blended Learning to Student Populations with Special Needs

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